Wednesday, July 11, 2012


Editor's Note:
The last few weeks have been hard for Elder Chadwick. His companion was sick for quite awhile and then just didn't want to work. He has been very frustrated and didn't want to hit the new president the first week that he arrived with this problem. He was able to address this past week. We are hoping everything will be different after changes as he says.

Well, we had a better week.
Tuesday we had conference with President Kusch. It was great. We had the privilege of listening to 48 testimonies....
After the conference I took the opportunity to get a quick interview with President Kusch.
I explained to him the situation. He then asked me if I was waking up on time....I said no because it is hard when my companion is dead.
He then explained to me that Elder M has his free agency and I can not control him....then he asked me what I free agency.
He taught me a great lesson that day. After that Elder M wanted to know what we talked about and so I told him. He then wanted his own interview with Pres.
It was to late to head back and so when we got to the church in our area he called pres....and scheduled an appointment with him for the next day in Cuarnavaca.
So Elder M paid for a taxi to Cuarnavaca and talked with Pres for an hour and a half. The rest of the week was hard but better. We woke up at the right time and studied.
We also planned every night. It was great to have the spirit back with us.
This is between us but Elder M told me he has a problem with porn...that is why he was not working. He would get disanimated (not sure what this is. probably Spanish) with the things he was doing and would not want to go out.
Also, he has a HUGE crush on the Stake Pres. daughter....and is going to return for her after the mission. He told Pres Kusch about this and Pres said it was fine to return but that he needed to focus right now.
On Sunday we had a General Conference Sacrament meeting. Pres Kusch and his wife came. Elder Anaya, a area seventy and the stake presidency. I think they want to fix alot of things.
It was great. They all talked on the Holy Ghost and how we always need to rely on our Heavenly Father to guide us.
Seeing the President of the mission three times in one week is too much times!!!

Well, we didn't really have much success this week. I too don't want to end on a sour note. I know that changes will help in two weeks.
I am renewing my temple recommend on the 18 of this month. It has been almost two year when we went to the temple for the first time.
Do you remember that experience??? It was great. I miss the temple. The Mexico City temple is closing on the 30th of this month. How sad.....I hope I get to go
before I leave for home.

Can you give me one more week to think on the things I need. Thank mom. love ya....!!!!
We have been dropping our clothes off at laundry mat place the last two months....I got sick of not having money and so I asked hermana Ziga if I could wash in her house.
She said yes, then I asked what I needed to buy....nothing she said!!!!!!!! My companion spent almost $8 bucks or 84 pesos on washing his clothes.....I didn't spend a it. Lunch was included.
We are going to do a musical of the Restoration this next Sunday or the next. It is going to be great. We are going to try to get alot of people there.
Well, I don't know what else to write. Good luck with the Moroccan....ha ha.
Here is an can start saving now to buy me a Ipad for Christmas and my birthday and my next birthday day so I can have a little technology when I get home. (he is nuts here. He will be buying his own!)
Love ya
Elder Chadwick

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