Saturday, September 8, 2012


Jorge and Elder Chadwick all wet!

Photos of him after sinking in the mud from about 2 weeks ago.
What a mess!!

This last week was probably one of the hardest weeks of my life. I learned alot from all the experiences I had. It will probably be more easy for you to understand the things that happened this last week if I write each persons story individually. 

Two weeks ago we received a phone call that we needed to go pick up Nelly to go to church. In the taxi on the way to church we got to know more about her. She had been assisting in Atoyac, having 4 times in church. We put a date to visit her during the week to see how much she knows. When we arrived Tuesday and she had some questions about modesty. We explained to her that our bodies are temples of God and we need to protect them. Also that we are all children of God. During the next two weeks we left chapters in the BofM and a challenge to pray to know if baptism was the right things to do. Alot of people in her school were against her being baptized, but thankfully she has members in her classes to stick up for her. So last Wednesday we challenged her to pray again and to send a text message if she wants to be baptized this weekend. While in a FHE we received a text saying that she had received an answer to her prayer and would love to be baptized Sunday so that she could invite her friends. We reviewed that things we taught her Saturday and she passed her interview with flying colors the next day. Elder Fernandez baptized her. After Nelly said she didn't believe her friends when they said baptism is like nothing else and the feeling is marvelous. But now she has a testimony that it is indeed marvelous. In Sacrament Meeting I confirmed her a member of the church and gave her the Holy Ghost. 

Cesar I met my first week here in a FHE. A week and a half later he asked us what he needed to do to be baptized and sealed in the temple. Elder Fernandez and Elder Bagley had taught him everything so we told him all that he needed was to go to church. So we reviewed the lessons with him and had him read more in the BofM. His girl friends family are all members. Three weeks ago all inactive but now all active because of Cesar and his desire to be baptized. Elder Fernandez baptized and confirmed him. 
After his baptism Cesar gave a powerful testimony of the church and that is is true. The spirit was really strong.

Jorge is 17 years old. He lives in a pueblo 3 hours from Chilpo. He came to live with his sister and her family. His brother-in-law is the elders quorum pres. we received the reference from him. Jorge needed a little bit more time to prepare than the others. (Because his b-on-law thought he was kind of gay) But we taught him the law of chastity and he was fine. While teaching he was kind of slow to answer easy questions but we could tell the spirit was helping him because he began to read faster and his answers where more longer. Every Sunday he came to church in his church clothes with the "Future Missionary" name tag. That is a great sign!!! He chose me to baptize him. 
We had three baptisms on Saturday. One at 12 and the others at 1. But Cesar didn't show up on time and so we started the services for Fanni and Cesar at 1. Jorge being late too. Right before Elder Fernandez entered the water with Cesar, Jorge showed up!!! So he quickly got ready and was baptized too. After I baptized him and the doors where shut he went and bathed in the water two times more. ha ha. It was really funny. We then took the picture, both soaked. haha. 
The ward mission leader ask Jorge to share his thoughts after and he was really nervous and so I had to help him. It was hilarious because I was talking and then asked him..."do you want to saying something more...???" but he wasn't talking. What an experience. 

Fanny´s dad is a clown. That is his job. One day we went to visit fanny and her dad was putting on his make up. AWKWARD!!
The clown, which I call "Hermano Clown", he always says "Hay gordo" or "hey Fatty".
Fanny only being 9 years old was a little bit more difficult to teach. We had to go over everything three times. But he got it and the interview for her baptism only lasted like 7 minutes. She also chose me to baptize her. It was great. The only bad, or that I think was wrong is the her dad filmed the baptism. I couldn't do anything about it. Because the fiestas are always on Sunday her dad could not attend her confirmation. But his wife is working on that. Her name is Hna. Zumba, because she teaches zumba classes. 

Well, I will be getting on later because my new companion has not arrived yet. I will send the pictures of the baptisms later. 
Elder Fernandez left at 7 in the morning. 
Love you all. 
Elder Chadwick

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