Monday, September 10, 2012


Baptisms this week.

The arrival of the birthday package. Early too. he said
"Loved the birthday package so much I had to put on the shirt to play volleyball. I have to say that I think it was the reason we won. Everyday is Gameday. (Except SUNDAY) I would tell BYU that but they would probably punch me. 

Elder Chadwick's new scripture covers
Dont cry mom but I am just thankful for all the things you do for me so I chose to put you and your stripling worrior on the cover of my triple. 

The scripture cover picture and the real picture of the baptism. Elder Chadwick had Elder Johansen added in because this family was taught by him and Elder Chadwick. 

This is going to be a short one, but a good one indeed. 
My companion and I are doing great. We are like the trinity. One! 
We are already completing each others sentences. 
He is a band nerd too and did marching band for 8 years. 
I am so glad I have someone that can understand almost everything I am 
going through. 
On Thursday I gave the Aaronic Priesthood to Hermano Porfilio. 
After, we started teaching his daughter Clara the commandments. 
While teaching the Word of Wisdom the mother of the family told us the 
father had been smoking that morning. I looked at the bishop, he was really embarrassed. 
We told the Hno. that if he wanted to baptize his daughter he could not smoke or drink ever again. 
He kept his promise. 
This last week was really great. The barrio angeles had 30 more people that came to church. 
We learned about faith in church and I can tell all the wards we are working in will need more. 
I don't know if you know this but in October ALL the missionaries in Mexico cannot knock doors or
contact people in the street. Almost all the work is going to fall on the members shoulders. 
We mentioned it in ward council about the rule that we can't eat in a house with only the mom there. 
Everyone started to complain. It was bad. But in the end they were calmed and agreed it is more important to be obedient. 

I am excited for the the next two and a half months. I am going to end well with Elder Solomon. 

So last week I was hanging with the zone leaders and they were buying new watches. 
I felt I didn't need to buy one. Today in the mail I received one from my mother. I thought I was about
to pull a BEN 10 and transform. It is awesome. I already ate all the Twizzlers btw. (with the help of the zone)

The weather is perfect here in Chilpo. Some times we hear the rain coming and we run for cover. 
Some times it comes down really hard. 

So I had the privilege of baptizing Javier. I was almost baptized with him. He is a big boy. 
I got wet up to my pectoral muscles. haha. Good thing the wall was there to support me. 
Everyone got a good laugh out of it. I am glad the angels were there so I didn't drop him. 

So my companions sister in law has two moms. Lesbians. She is related to both because they did an experiment and 
it worked. She was converted to the gospel at the age of 18. I really got a kick out of that story. 
I was talking to my comp this morning about seminary. He said he was the only student for two years. Then the class doubled. 
One person moved in. HAHAHAHA. 

I am so content with how things are going. Today was like my happy not birthday but hey I am in Mexico so I will celebrate anyway. 
Well, you all have a great week. Pray for my brother please. I hope he has some Tom Monson experiences in basic. 
Elder Chadwick

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