Sunday, September 23, 2012

SEPTEMBER 17 POST with photos

This post is a week late.
I will be posting his letter to his dad and the one to me.
As you can read, they can barely work.
I'm not sure why right now but hopefully will find that out soon.
Keep him in your prayers.

To Daryl
Things are really hard right now. We can barely work.
It is true that we cant contact people in the street and we also cannot knock
We have alot of new standards in the mission.
It is going to be a slow ten weeks. But we are going to have a meeting with
Pres. Kusch tomorrow so things will be better I think.
My companion and I get along great. I am having a great time.
I am not ripped yet but we are training every morning with Hno. Ninja.
I hope you have a great time in Kansas. "Theres no place like home...."
Have a great day dad. Love ya
Elder Chadwick

Hey mom,
Things are getting really slow. We can't do a lot right now with all the new rules.
I don't know what to do right now.
Just imagine you are me.
You can't knock doors and you can't contact people on the street.
You also can't enter a house without a priest or someone that is 18 years old or older. Or 4 women.
The men work all day, the priest, if there are priest, are in school.
What would you do from 11 o'clock to 3 o'clock?
The new standards of the mission say that we have to have these numbers every week:
Baptisms and Confirmations: 1
With a baptism date: 15
In Sacrament meeting:10
With member: 50% or 15 lessons
References received: 25
References contacted: 25
New investigators: 20
Lessons in total: 30
I am not complaining... but there are not even 25 families in the ward that are active.
I know everything is possible with God on our side. But this is too much.
My opinion is in the next year they are going to close areas or missions.
When we told the Relief Society and Priesthood these numbers their heads lowered.
We asked them what they would do....they in turn asked us who put these new rules.
We just pointed up. I still believe that our leaders are inspired but I don't have alot of ideas what to do.
One of the things that did come to mind when I was showing these knew numbers to the Relief Society is:
We split the area into teams, 4 to 6 sisters to a team with one leader. Every week we meet with each team discussing the needs of each family, if they need anything and how they are doing with the mission work with there neighbors etc.
This last week we had two Mexican nights. It was fun to see the tradition they have here in Mexico.
I sang in on of the programs and was the master of ceremonies in the other.
I sang "Yo no fui" by Pedro Fernandez.
I had a blast and everyone got a laugh out of it.
I am working out in the morning with Hno. Ninja still. It is kind of embarrassing because I am not that flexible.
I hope that I can do the splits before I leave....hahaha.
Well, if I think of something I will write more.
Elder Chadwick
The two compadres!

Mr. M.C.

Elder Chadwick's Companion

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