Tuesday, October 30, 2012


Editors Note;
Elder Chadwick has been sending less and less information. Therefore we will rely on a letter to Stacie and a few snip its of information.
Thanks for your patience.

Hey Stacie,

Can you send me a picture of your scriptures. The lady is not sure what I am talking about and I am not either...hahaha. 
I had an alright week. We received a reference and went and had a FHE with a great family. We asked if we could come back and they said yes. So we went back two days later, had a beautiful talk about the "Proclamation on the Family" and then they dumped us like rocks in the ocean....it stunk....like a skunk. Now we don't have any investigators...if we don't get any in two weeks I am not going to baptize for the rest of my mission. Now the pressure is on. Well, I am still happy and doing great. Let the good times roll sis!!!
Love ya!!!
Elder Chadwick

Editor's Note again.
We sent him a letter telling him to leave his extra clothing and other things he isn't using for other Elders that may need them that don't have anything. This was his response. 

I am going to leave almost everything here. Ask Jordan and the girls if they want soccer jerseys. 
I am just going to bring home: 3 white shirts. 2 pants, 3 pairs of socks. Garments that I didn't use a lot or don't have sweat marks. 
My journals and my Preach My Gospel. That is about it. And all the clothes you sent me that I cant throw away. 

So one of the hermanas is a dentist, I asked her how much for a cleaning. "For you, free!"
So I went and got my teeth clean. I can proudly say I still have no cavities. 
This week was hard. We are not having much success. 
We did a FHE with a new family and they dropped us two days later. 
Elder Miguel called me, he wants me to come down in January. 
We will see what happens. 
I am trying to read the new testament and the book of Mormon before the end of the mission. I started last Friday. 
My companion and I are in the stake choir. We are also singing in church on Sunday. 
Elder Chadwick

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