Thursday, October 11, 2012


So last tuesday we got a call from the Zone Leaders. They said there was going to be a missionary coming to stay with us for two weeks.
So we had to move everything around in our little apartment and put another bed in there.
Elder Fuertes arrive Wed. at noon. He is from Ecuador.....just like Elder Fernandez.
lets just say it is the same story...sadly.
Last week I did get him to do division with the bishop from barrio angeles, and we had an hermano Local, or a local missionary, to be with him this week.
UNTIL TODAY!!! The Zone Leader pulled me aside during soccer and said that elder fuertes has to be with me at all times. He cannot be with anyone else.
Lets just say, I want to come home now!!!
I don't know what to do. I didn't say anything to Pres in my interview with him on Sat. because I thought I was going to be with Elder Solomon.
Now things have changed.
I had a great birthday.
I did have a fever the night before and could not sleep so I got to say happy birthday to my self at 12.
My fever broke at 4 and I got 2 more hours of sleep.
In the night time the Familia Pastrana sang "Las Mayanitas" or Happy Birthday in spanish.
The tradition is to bite a piece of the cake and someone slams your face into it.
It was quiet pleasant.
The guy with the vine bottle is Hno. Pastrana. He is like Bruce lee and Jackie Chan mixed together.
There is no alcohol in the vine. He was just pretending.
Well, have to go to a meeting.
Love you all

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