Monday, October 15, 2012

OCTOBER 15, 2012

Sorry I was stressing about the future. I am now more cool. Heavenly Father told me to take it easy and just work. We have a good relationship now.
Don't worry we will work really hard. We are going to fall back into are old/new routine and it will be good.
I am happy that my other companion is now in another ward. I learned a lot of patience from him.
He would always be calling me names and poking me or throwing something at me. He threatened to stab me three times.
I might have deserved it but only God knows.
I am not worried about anything anymore. I am ready to work until the end.
I loved conference. It was great. Elder Hollands talk was amazing.
I accidently laughed out loud while watching the morning session in spanish. I knew it was funny so I laughed. Everyone was looking at me.
Tonight we are going to celebrate like you told me. I am going to buy pizza. It will be good.
We had yet another debate about the word of wisdom. it was funny.
The class went overtime for 30 mintues. We didn't leave church until 8 at night.
We then took a taxi. (Which costs only $30 pesos) We went to the famila Patranas house to drink hot chocote and eat toast. It is a tradition. LOVE IT!
That is all. Love you all....
Elder chadwick
P.S. I am excited to see Colton. I have been thinking about him lately. We will party like it is 2012 when I get home.
Well, I have to go. We are going to go get my companions hair cut and then go eat...yum.
Thanks for the support. I love you alot.

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