Tuesday, October 30, 2012


October 28th marked the exact day in 4 weeks that Elder Chadwick will be home. We pick him up at 8:55 p.m. on November 28th but then who's counting.

Looks like the whole mission is not doing to good.
The zone leaders called 8 of the 12 areas in the zone to say that we need to step it up.
It is hard but we are working. We are doing everything to get references since we can't tract, street contact or meet with any members during the day.
We are making cakes....I made my first double layer cake....washing dogs...teaching piano and English and a lot more.
We even had a mutual with the young men to get them ready for the mission.
I am excited to see what happens. Pres. is really mad at everyone.
How the bishop wants alot of time to prepare for a mission activity. (He wants to save it for my last weekend)
OH!!! I am playing the piano and helping the primary with their program. We have taught them three songs in two weeks!
I get my mad skills from my mother.
I am going to work hard to the end. Please stop worrying that I am going to give up!!
I am now praying for the flower shop more then ever. When I get home we will figure something to get things really going.
If I have to go door to door as the hot/handsome/flower man selling flowers I will....hahaha.
Today I scored 3 goals!!!! And hurt my foot playing soccer.
I am going to miss tortillas....
Elder Chadwick

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