Saturday, January 29, 2011


This letter arrived on Saturday. It was addressed to Mom and included pictures of friends and activites he sent home. This is the letter.
Dear Mom,
Let's just say, I am a changed man.
I am putting a lot of stuff behind me and a lot of stuff in head of me.
Great stuff.
I have this net stuck to my shoes and I am sending some of it home and letting the Atonement take care of the rest.
I am now a fisher of men.
Tonight got me really excited about Faith, leadership, obedience, sacrifice, consecration and more.
It is double go time now.
Once I get my visa.....
Watch out Mexico. Here I come!
I can't express how excited I am to fulfil my purpose.
The field is so close mom, I can feel it.
We are having super tutoring tomorrow with both teachers.
Elder Oswald and me are the only ones left in the district.
I am going to have a memorized speech when I talk to you for 5 minutes so I can get a little of it out.
You are probably thinking I am a nut....Well, I get it from you.
I have to pray with my companion.
Good night, CTR, LOL.
Love Elder Chadwick
P.S. give dad a hug for me.

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