Monday, August 29, 2011


So you can probably tell by the title that my companion is amazing.
He is from Washington (the state) like three hours from Uncle John and Aunt Mary Ann. He played Football in high school and is going to Snow College to play ball after the mission. He is wicked good at Spanish and is pumped up to baptize in September. We were instantly best friends, lets just say we have both been blessed. We had super dates this week with over 13 lessons taught on Saturday alone. He is quickly getting to know the members but is still kind of lost. Good thing he has a companion that knows the area. ha ha.
This week in companionship study we started studying the plan of salvation, then we got side track on the temple and then my "Scripture Journal" just popped up out of nowhere with all my awesome scripture refences that I have collected. (Thanks mom that journal actually has came in handy) We then just decided to start reading all the talks my Mom has sent me because they are awesome. Everything seemed to go together perfectly, from Calling and Election to using the Enabling Power of the Atonement. We are helping each other learn all the scripture mastery and have some fantastico plans for September.
So we had some pretty good experiences this week. Our first door we contacted as a companionship was great. They let us in and we started asking questions and teaching two ladies while they were cooking. They were not really interested in our message but the husband came out and invited us to eat fish and so we sat down and the man was like "look at this" scooping up a tortilla with alot of salsa and fish. "ok, pass me the salsa." Elder Nelson said. We each dipped in and drenched or tortillas in salsa. OOOH YEAH! I have gotten used to it. It did not actually sting that bad and I didn't cry. (You can ask my companion) After a minute or two my companion whispered to me. "Elder I am going to eat a fish eye." I watched him eat a fish eye. "Elder why don't you stop being a girl and eat one too." So we both ate another fish eye. ja ja. "Where did you catch this fish?" asked Elder Nelson. "The Lagoona" the man answered. We both gave each other a weird look, thanked the family for the food and left.
The next thing we know we are at Chuchitas house and she is offering us tortuga eggs (turtle eggs) I ask her to pass me one. "Another thing to write in my journal" I told my companion. I pinched the outershell and a white bubble came out of the top. That was enough for me. I chickened out and sat down.
The daughter of hermana chuchita got back from being a local missionary in Chipo. She baptized 11 or more in three months. Sure made me feel great. Sounds like she had fun and enjoyed being a missionary for a minute. We will use her to be a friend to our investigators.
Well, the adventures went on throughout the week. We gave four or five blessings to people in need and I now have a little more experience using the priesthood power.
So we made up a plan to teach all of our investigators about the importance of going to church and read from Moroni 6:4-6. So at lunch I asked a young member to be a missionary and I then told him that him that his calling just came in and that he was going to be a missionary today. So we went out Luis, Elder Nelson and I and we taught 8 lessons, committing 8 people to come to church tomorrow. Well, we passed by almost all 8 people and all 8 people ended up not going to church. Good thing is that Hermana Reyes brought her friend to church and it ended up counting as a new investigator.
In Priesthood the High Councilor was asking for a conference liahona and no one had one with them. President Diaz pulled out the liahona for this month.
"Oh, there is a good article in there about where we have the true church" and then everyone wanted me to teach the class. So I read parts of Elder Oaks talk and talked about the three points of why we have the true church. The only sad but funny part was that hermano Gonzalez almost fell off his chair because he was snoring during my lesson. I was not mad, I really got a kick out of it though.
The part everyone liked the most this week was branch family home evening. I decided to share my talent of music. We were just going to sing hymns but then I had an idea to share one of my talents. Conducting. I taught the small branch how to read music in 5 minutes and then how to lead in three four and then in four four time. Everyone was conducting Sunday in sacrament meeting. It was quite the site from the piano to look over and see the little kids waving there hands in circles. ha ha.
I also started to teach Elder Nelson how to play the piano. He can now site read the right hand slowly. He knows all the note names and is learning flats and sharps next Sunday.
I am excited for district meeting because Elder Lauda is our new district leader. He was just assistant. He called me three time last night and three time during the week. He is a really good leader checking how everyone is doing. I always answered the phone as a pizza guy or subway dude. It is funny. I am not going to do that anymore.
Anyway, onward christian soldiers.
Elder Chadwick

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