Friday, August 26, 2011

AUGUST 15, 2011

What an amazing week once again. I am so excited for tomorrow because it is zone conference.
My foot is really back to normal, actually more then normal, like fantastic.
I know Heavenly Father and Jesus Christ have given me a boost this last week.
Belinda, our best investigators that hasn't gone to church is flying over to the state of Elder Robb. If she goes to church she will be baptized. If not
It is sad to see people make commitments and not keep them.
I have come to a more full understanding of turning my heart and soul to the Lord.
It really sets us free. I am so happy to be here and help people come to Christ.
So last Wednesday we went to bake cookies at the Gonzales' house.
We had fun because the ingredients are a little different, but they turned out great.
We are sharing an article by Elder Erying with each family and having them pray about ten people they can invite to church or us to teach. We have had a couple references from this. The spiritual experience we get from this is to watch the families prepare and see their faces light up when the investigator
come to know the truth. We also ask them how they came to know this church was true and if they are sealed in the temple how that experience was. It is really a spiritual experience to here the testimonies of each of these families.
Testimony meeting is still my favorite because they just have so much power and they know what is right and they have no problem sticking up for it.

So, one morning we dropped by Hermana Rosabla's house and the Testigos de Jehova (Jehovah Witness') were there trying to convert her through the fence. I was like "¡HOLA HERMANA!" and walked right through them. It was funny, they left, we had actually taught one of them the first lesson. Hermana Rosalba was really confused because they said their church is the true church. I told her that this was the true church and not to worry about it.
I have no doubt this church his true and that Joseph Smith was a Prophet.
I am giving a talk in Sacrament Meeting this next Sunday.
Btw, all of you should keep an eye on ALL the church websites and newsroom. Looks like has hit New York. How FANTASTIC!
I taught about just that this last Sunday, about missionary work and how the lord has new ways of getting it to people today.
Well, Juan Carlos came to church today and was a big part of my lesson in Gospel Principals.I asked him how he felt when we taught him and he opened right up...most of the people in the class were recent converts and it started a fantastic discussion. The spirit was so strong and I am excited to work more with the members here and also Juan Carlos.
My studying is going great, I am still with Elder Wake, changes are next week. We will see what happens...if I don't email you I am probably traveling.
Anyway, that is about all from me.
Love Elder Chadwick

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