Tuesday, August 9, 2011


I am doing everything I can to stay healthy. I have stopped drinking pop and coca cola. I drink twice as much water now and some Gatorade during the week.
The email you sent me about eating eggs.....well, I have been doing what you have been telling me to do, three eggs in the morning....atop of my PANCAKE!!!! WITH PEACH PIT JAM!!!!
Elder Guasnal found the Krustese or whatever brand it is in a HUGE package and one of those gallon maple things. Yeah, I gave in and now am in heaven every morning.
I don't eat alot of tortillas during comida and fill up on the eggs, rice and beans they give me. Let me tell you mother.....we had eggs in every single comida but one this week. That is alot of eggs.
I have a plate of spaghetti maybe every two weeks....if lucky. I might start making it myself.
I am still good on food, the koolaid things save me. Still have PLENTY....so I am good. I am eating yogurt for a midday snack....along with a six pack of oreos...ha ha. I have a good workout program and am staying fit.
I am sending you a package next week, returning books and there are letters in there for the whole family on top. A missionary planner for Jordan(In English)
and other stuff. I don't want to have heavy suitcases for the transfer.
As for the funny story....not as funny as Elder Bryce but hey we try here. (Were exactly is he? I forgot....)
So we have like four awesome lessons with Belinda. We had a really good one on Prophets and Enos. We gave her a Liahona Saturday. She is reading the Book of Mormon everyday. So we were on the subject of baptisma and we asked how much they charge people to be baptized in the Catholic Church....Yeah, we got a good laugh out of that....(For Freeeeeeeeeeeeeee??? The girls will get that..)
We talked about how baptism did not cost anything. Just her soul and to come to church and have blessings poured on her. We joke around and then it will get really serious. We used Moroni 8 to answer the baby baptizing problems she had.
So after I was like, "So are you coming to Church tommorow?" she muttered alot in Spanish and then was like " I will be direct with you" this is what all of them say when they are really serious. "I have a commitment tomorrow with my family and can't make it. We are going to see CAPTAIN AMERICA!" (just so you know this is when I started getting a little upset in English.) She speaks English, Spanish and French...she is in her 40s btw. "You are going to see CAPTAIN AMERICA and not to church with me!!!" I got a good laugh out of it....turns out she didn't go to the show because she was too busy. So she will try to come next week. Good thing is that her mom smokes and is in bad health...ok not good but good that she has to stay in Mexico to take care of her mom, right? so we can baptize her!!!
President Spannaus is heading our way next week for zone conference in my area. How exciting!
So I cleaned out the refrigerator today and I sweep every 3 days and yeah lots of water. We have five gallons here too ya know. (Editors Note: we use a water cooler and 5 gallon water containers in our home.) Sometimes they even come to us.
Have a great week mom and EVERYONE!!!!!
The band looks great. Send more pictures I love them!
Love Elder Chadwick

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