Wednesday, August 3, 2011


What a great week Family,
I am so happy just to be here. The spiritual experiences will not stop. I love it! They will not stop for the rest of my life.
How cool, half the world is getting married. I am happy for all of them. How awesome it is to be sealed in the temple for time and all eternity. (Editor's note: we have abouut 5 weddings we will be attending in the next few weeks.)
We are including the temple more in our lessons. People here are really worried about their salvation and want to know everything about the gospel.
Yes, their are still people who reject us but that is fine. They will come to know the truth either way.
I have really learned that people have their agency. I love the story President Uchtdorf told about the two boys. Are you committed?
I taught about honesty in principals of the gospel Sunday and asked "what would it be like if total San Jeronimito was totally honest?"
The sisters went wild, got crazy on me. "Well, it would be totally silent!" one said. Another couldn't even handle the idea. It was quiet humorous.
Belinda, was going to get baptized but she did not attend we have to pass her off to the Elders in California. (Maybe Colton will have the privilege of teaching her)
Solomne was sick but still has his three times. He is eager to be baptized and stay active the rest of his life. All he needs is an answer to his prayers.
Juan Carlos had to work so could not come to church, he stopped by after and caught us on the way out. He said he would try his hardest to come next week.
He says that he has known us for a long time, that he feels better and more of the spirit around us then in any church he has attended. (Wait till he comes to testimony meeting)
We have a teenage couple that is getting married and then he is going to be baptized. (I think half of the reason is to use the Church's basketball court for the reception but you know I could be wrong)
Arturo works at the airport. He is on the ground crew transporting stuff and taxing the planes if I understood right. He loves it.
He also owns a little store were we teach him. He believes everything we believe but has not received an answer about the book of Mormon.
I told him about dad working on planes and he said "so your going to be a mechanic when you go home" "well no, I am going to be a musician."
He responds " way to break the tradition Junior." ha ha. When ever I say musica he says musico....then mechanico. ha ha. yeah...good times.
So yeah still get to mechanic talk dad....we will work on that later...I guess.
I will send the pictures of the human weed whacker right now....
love Elder Chadwick

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