Monday, October 24, 2011

I'M SICK! (read with plugged nose sound)

Things he is already taking to keep parasites and other bugs at bay.

Sorry there is not much this week. I had a sore throat, runny nose and cough all week and so it was really hard to go out and work. I went to the doctor and she gave me some meds. And yes I am using the essential oils. Here are some pictures to make up for it.
(Editor's note: above is the first e-mail I received today. Needless to say I was a bit put out. I wondered if he would get on later so I wrote him a little note saying that I know that couldn't be all and that I'm sure he was working even though he felt sick. I know my kid. After the photo is the response to my note.)

The photo says it all.

Of course we did more then sleep. I am like superelderchadwick man here. I was sick but you know me, I can't stay inside for long and so we did work.
We went to Peta to teach Silvino. His Catholic friend ended up showing up and battling with us. It was not a battle at the start and then he started talking about apostolic lineage and then I got all Apostasy in there and he wanted us only to use the New Testament to answer things and would not even let me use a pamphlet to show him a photo. He got pretty mad at he end and Silvino ended up calling him a Anti Christ. Spirit was not there. After Catholic man left we calmed it down a bit and challenged Silvino to pray and ask God what was true. After we finished we were on our way out from his store where we teach him and he said "When you leave, what am I going to do?" my response "Preach the Gospel to Peta and be a missionary like Paul and Enos." He was really excited about that. He ended up not going to church though.
We ended up teaching a man and his father. They were ok until the end and then they exploded on us saying "you cant come in here being all racist and telling us your white church only has the priesthood power." Ouch, right? Well, we still know it is true and that their God is white too. Which they did mention.
Went and helped Hermana Reyes clean her yard and make corn cakes. They were really yummy. Also we found out that Jose, one of the teens in the ward, up and left for Puebla and didn't tell us. We are teaching his mom and sister and he would have been the key this month to their baptism. Oh well.
Called in sick and went to see a doctor in Zihaut that looked like a pregnant Angalina Jolie. The check up only cost 3 bucks. I think the drugs she gave me made it worse so I am going to see what is going to happen. We also had family night and got everyone excited about reading the book of Mormon again. Treasure, Gold Plates, Wars, the Book of Mormon. that's the stitch.
Took a nap because I am sick and was coughing up a lung.
Gave a talk in Church about Work and Personal Responsibility. Without scriptures and papers. Boo ya
Got online and saw dead squirrels and things....I thought the Missionary Email Security would pig up that PG 15 stuff.....apparently not. (Editor's note: Jordan and his dad went hunting. Jordan killed a few squirrels and we sent the photos to Elder Chadwick)

I got the package. The Primary loves the new book of pictures. I will send pictures of us and the Gonzalez Family eating Spaghetti with Alfredo next week. (It is on my comps camera) (Editor's Note: I sent packaged Alfredo sauce packets and spaghetti because Elder Chadwick LOVES noodles and I don't think he gets them too often down there.)
I am getting fatter everyday. I guess it is showing because that is what everyone is talking about.
Well, That is all.
Love every ones guts.....even the squirrels...poor thing.
Elder Chadwick

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