Monday, October 17, 2011


Dear Family and Everyone,
I am sorry to say that it was just another great week in Mexico!! I have to apologize for leaving out a few details about my birthday. For lunch we had armadillo, yes, the little animal that curls up into a ball. Hermana Fabiana's husband had a great time sharing with us the details of the catch. He works in the field chopping things with his machete and stumbled across Jesus. (That is what he ended up naming him) I was pretty excited about the story that he told us so I listened with really intent. I hope you enjoy it too. :)
"Pues, you have to pick up the ball and the only skin that is showing is the butt, so what you have to do is stick your finger up there and that little guy will straighten right out." he explained. Of course they killed it with a knife after he brought it home. It tasted really good in the soup she made with it. "Armadillo tomato soup...possibilities" (Theme music from Campbells tomato soup commercial)
What and experience, right? (Pictures of shell to come next week)
The interview with President Spannaus was great! We talked about where I am in the Book of Mormon and how I can strengthen my Priesthood power by using it more everyday. It is like a muscle, the more you exercise it the more stronger it becomes.

We had four people come to church yesterday! 3 of them were a surprise. We were not expecting them to come. Silvino, a man from Peta, about thirty minutes from SJ (San Jeronimito) came and was the highlight of both Principals of the Gospel and Priesthood. He has a stronger testimony of the Book of Mormon than most of the members. He was so excited to have another Bible to read and share with the world. He will be a great missionary! LOVE IT!

Guess WHAT?!!! So you know how we have 9 five gallon water bottles that we have to fill up....well I only have one. (I am not a camel yet) I don't even have to leave the house to fill it up. All I do is put it in the door way of my house and start studying. About an hour later I hear "¡Agua!" and I skip to the door, hand the man 7 pesos and he hands be a brand new 8 gallon bottle with fresh Mexico water in it. How cool is that? (Sorry siblings, I feel so bad for you.....not.) hahaha
Livin' the Life!

I guess they are having super saturday this weekend and the dance is first thing in the morning. Interesting.
Anyway, here is my birthday shout out to my flacito hermano Jordan! Happy BIRTHDAY! "One year older and still younger then me, happy birthday, to you!" Age before muscles right? I think that is what Brother Draper said. Maybe it was age before beauty....

So we officially have a Mommita!!! Oh YEAH!!! I asked President Spannaus for one because I am sick of eating just beans, eggs and cheese. So Hermana Gonzalez is now the official mommita and we eat dinner at her house three nights a week. We have trained her well and she is making some American food. Toasted Cheese is the best!! So we pay her 200 pesos a week and then she buys and cooks for us. Love it!! Her family is the best. We were eating and we both got full on sandwiches and so there was one for each of her kids. It was a great sight to see them all saying there own prayers. Even Junior, he is 5, was saying a good long prayer. This was a good example and a reminder to me that prayer is really important even when you have one sandwich to eat. (Mom, I am going to save up after the mission so I can take this family on one of our adventures, to a hotel and the beach or something. They just don't get the opportunity like we do. I just love this family, and the parents need a little break from the kids.)

So today is my 11 month mark, I need to find a couple or family to baptize so I can go to the temple before I leave Mexico. I am really praying that the Lord will guide me to them or them to me. It is like hunting deer but it is not about killing it is about saving souls. (That goes out to all the poor little deer my brother and dad are trying to kill this weekend.)

I read a lot about Paul this last week. What a guy, right? He is now in the top five. 1. Heavenly Father 2. Jesus Christ 3. Joseph Smith 4. Abinidi 5 Paul 6 My Mother.....okay, I was kind of joking about the last one but my mom is like a revelation receiver. Forget the third eye on the back of her head, she has like this antenna that we cant see. I have learned to follow moms revelations. Thanks mom.

Well, that's a rap from Elder Chadwick.
love ya!!!

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