Monday, October 3, 2011


What an amazing weekend. I had a humbling experience in conference.

This weekend was conference and I had a great time. Saturday morning I started packing my bags if I got the call to be transferred. I took my clothes to be washed at a lavandaria and went to conference. Talking to the zone leaders they already knew the changes but would not release them until after the second session.

I sat patiently waiting, listening, learning, pondering….etc.

After what seemed like eternity Elder Lara called the whole district into a room and had all our names written up on the board. Mine was toward the bottom. Everybody was really antsy. I just had to go to the bathroom, but I could hold it for this. He started going down the line. Elder Crowther to Chipo, Elder Mortonsen to Acapulco…..and the rest stay here!

What?! “Is this a joke?” I asked. “No hombre” responded Elder Lara.

Well, I have to admit I was had a little pressure going on in my shoulders area.

Then Priesthood started. Elder Wadell, I have never seen this man before. Gets up and was sent from God to talk to me.

“God speaks to you mission president through the holy Ghost. God knows the changes, he knows where you are suppose to be.”

Since when do General Authorities talk about missionary changes?

Well, he sure did. And now I have a HUGE testimony that God really knows where I am and why I am here. Even if I don’t like it , He knows ALL.

After that talk the pressure was gone and I didn’t feel like going home and crying like a baby….

Editor's note: I had asked him about celebrating his birthday and this was his response to making the cheesecake and other things he needs.

I made the cheesecake and I forgot my camera when we celebrated at the Gonzales families house so I am going over there again for a re do.
Can you send me by email....the following conference talks:
Elder Wadell
Elder Hollland (Priesthood)
Elder Callister
Elder Erying (Sunday)
Pres. Monson (Priesthood and Sunday)
And other good talks....
I am memorizing scriptures so I have more friends in my cupboard...

Love ya bye Elder Chadwick

Latest Baptism

Teaching in the rain with umbrella, boots and Book of Mormon.
Birthday Cheesecake. We sent him his birthday package with a couple of no bake cheesecakes in it. They don't look too bad. Love the freezer in their little fridge.
Love eating corn!
He sent this photo to Jordan showing him that Jordan is in his wallet all the time. The photo is bad but it's there.

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