Monday, February 20, 2012

WATER PROBLEMS February 13 post

The organization of the church is wonderful. I love it, down to the Area Book. The "Area Book" is where we keep a record off all the people the have been, are in the process or will be taught the gospel. I was looking through this Area Book and found a family and felt they needed a visit. It said there last time in church was a year ago. So Elder Johanson and I visited them and two of their family ended up being baptized. (Way to plant the seeds my friend (Elder Johanson)) We are working with the rest, the father, a son and a daughter of Yisenia. It was a great experience finding, teaching and baptizing part of this family. The joy I felt for them I can not describe with words. The fulfillment of alot of prophecies are happening right now, personally and as a world.
Many people ask us about the signs of the times and the book of Revelations. I love testifying that they are signs that Jesus will come again and reign upon the earth.
With the baptisms and excitement that we had I had a new challenge that was about to come our way. Everyday since are tank of water is not full we have to go with buckets, drop them down with a rope tied to it and take water out of this big tank. Everyday we would wait for the water to fall (the water comes to them at different times) to fill our tank. One day I left the lid open....we came back in the after noon and I looked in to check if the water had come. And in response I heard a "MEOW!!!!!" A cat had fallen in the tank. As soon as I stuck my head over the edge the kitty started jumping up and trying to grab my head to get out.
I was laughing so hard.....anyway, so i grabbed my BYU shirt and stuck it in the jumped, and hung on for dear life, and I pulled er' out. After telling my companion the story we looked back in and it was terrible. The water was brown and smelled horrible.
On Sunday the water started falling (going into the tank) but we shut the valve not to let the water in. I started filling up a trash can and then looked for other things to fill up with water.
There are not that many things to fill up in our house.....well we have two fridges, how lucky to put food in and one to store our dishes. So the one with the dishes I pulled everything out and laid it down on its back, and started filling it with water.
We went to see how hermana cleo was doing and if she had anything we could fill up with water. Her daughter answered the door and we explained the situation. (Cat included) She started to laugh because this happened to them two weeks ago. We went back to the house and the fridge was almost full of water....then we noticed the floor was all wet. I HAD NO CLUE THEY PUT HOLES IN THE BACK OF FRIDGES......lesson learned. So we poured it out, went and asked Hermana Cleo what we could do. She handed me a bucket and a rope and basically commanded me to get in the tank and start cleaning. So of course I did as told and as you can see in the photos did my part to clean the tanky wanky. This was all before church.

The scary thing about baptizing people is waiting for them at church. As I was playing prelude at the very last second Yisenia and her son Victor came in. Nothing like the comfort of knowing someones baptism is complete.
(I say this because it took more then three months to confirm my first baptism)
So about my companion. Lets just say we are like peas and carrots. He is great. He has a wonderful testimony of the gospel.
He was baptized six years ago and went to Benemerito, a Church owned High School. (Wish I could have gone....note to future children: LEARN SPANISH AND GO THERE.) So we Elder Romero and I have spirts of revelation. Trying to find a new apartment on Saturday night we were coming up to a old investigators store. I felt something and we went in and asked for the grandmother. Her grandchild lead us to the back were the family, all the family was eating. They happily invited us to eat with them. So we started talking and thirty minutes later I ask if they know of any apartments. They told me to turn around and go in a door. So I did and we found our new apartment. We don't know when we are moving, because we have water at least for a week now, and we already paid the rent. Unfortunately I could not contact the owner of our apartment where we are living.

SOOO my friends....don't leave your tanks open (poor kitties) and when your children go on missions constantly remind them to use and fill up their Area Book.
Happy Trails.
Elder Chadwick

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