Tuesday, February 7, 2012


Visit to a museum with Elder Johansen Check out the skulls!
Elder Chadwick and King Tut
Hey! don't bite my finger!
Elder Chadwick's new bed of nails.
Dinner will be served.
Just what Elder Chadwick wanted, Ant eggs on a tortilla.
Elder Johansen cutting his going away cake.
Elder Chadwick cutting Elder Johansen tie.
Efain one of Elder Chadwick's baptisms.
Adolfo a friend going on a mission to Chile.

More from.....the story of Jose Luis....
First week in church he was wearing a Polo and jeans.....second week in church he was wearing a yellow dress shirt and a tie (He learned fast, I taught him myself).....third week in church he wore a white shirt, tie, dress pants and Sunday shoes.....did I mention he bore his testimony yesterday too? Well, he did. The spirit was so strong when he testified of the Book of Mormon and how it makes the things in the bible clearer. He is getting baptized this Saturday if every thing goes right.
We didn't play soccer today because of changes. My new companions name is Elder Romero from Mexico City. He is awesome. Excited to work hard and do what is right.
He has a year in the mission and speaks perfect Spanish....haha.
Well, this last week with Elder Johansen was really great. He didn't die on me which is good. We found another family of five to teach. Yesinia, Gegorio and their three children. We also found a family of three next to our house. We are going to visit them in three hours. We are also teaching Hermana Cleo's neighbor, Pati. She didn't go to church but bought a skirt to go to Church next week. YEAH!
So, life is wonderful. Btw, if any of you ever have the chance to eat ANT EGGS they are not to bad. Just watch the Lion King and learn from Timon and Pumba.
In Priesthood yesterday we practiced doing ordinances. Jose Luis baptized me.....
Oh!!!! So we had an appointment with Jose on Friday in the morning. We arrive at his house and knock, yell, and wait a couple minutes. He doesn't answer....so we start walking down the street and found his mother. We helped her with her groceries and then asked where her son was....she said "he is playing Nintendo with his kid..." then I said...."No, your son Jose Luis" ..."He has a son....don't you know that"
Obviously not....so we went and met his 8 year old child, Jesus. Here is a photo.....good thing Jose Luis was practicing baptizing in Priesthood so he can baptize his son in a couple of weeks.
Well, If I think of more to say I will send another email.
Love you all.
Live Long and Prosper.....a little Vulcan Humor for ya
Elder Chadwick
(Editor's note: Some additional notes that came with the photos.)
Well, changes came Friday night at 10 45. (I was almost asleep but I woke up for that)I am not training, nor district leader.
My new companion is Elder Romero. I picked him up this morning. He is GREAT! He has a wonderful attitude.
I am so excited to work with him. He is from Mexico City and has 1 year in the mission. We are iguales. (equal)

I want more talks please. I love them....some how they are just right for the moment and things I have gone through.
I ate Chinese today. It was great. haha. (But they didn't have orange chicken like last time.)
I also cleaned the apartment. It looks really good. Just to let you know I have a new fetish, I have to make my bed every morning or I don't feel good through the day. The more obedient we are the more we see the small and simple things we are doing that are wrong.

So we ate ant eggs this last week....and iguana the week before. I am going to get the photo of me eating iguana next week from Hermana Luz but here are the Ant Eggs....

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