Saturday, December 11, 2010


The waiting is over!
We received our Christmas package that included photos and letters.
It was a mother's dream.
Finally, I get to see my son after almost 4 weeks in the MTC.
This first picture if of all the district's nametags in the snow. I guess they clipped them to a vine on the temple wall also. Fun idea!

This is a picture of DJ and the map. He sent hard copy on this with a sticky that said, "I am going to Mexico!"

This is a picture of his district. There is also one in cartoon form. See below.

This is a picture of DJ and his companion Elder Oswald from Idaho. As you can see, he is a bit bigger than DJ.

A picture of DJ freezing with a stuffed bus stop.

The District in Cartoon form.

We are all going to sit down and read our Christmas letters and start on the challenge that he has given us to read and learn more about the Savior this month. I will post more after we read.

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