Friday, December 31, 2010


Well, My comp and I are doing very well. As for the adventure story of the week I was privileged to Host a Elder from Germany, Elder Bolding, I think. He will be fluent in three languages before he returns home. He is on his way to Poland. So English, German and Polish. His rooms were on the top floor of two buildings so it was a workout for the day.
This is pretty neat. I have met someone from Samoa, Fiji, Marshall Islands, Hawaii, Cambodia, Taiwan, China, Japan, and many more. You never know who is sitting next to you and where they are from. That is why it is good to get to know Everyone. That is part of the gospel, being social. My favorite part of course.
After the talent show we have met so many people that liked our song. It seemed to attract some interesting red heads. Elder Oswald and I were in the dinner line and a Sister turned to us and just started screaming. After quieting down a little she asked our names. After that it was pretty normal but kind of weird when on the way up the stairs to dinner a red headed Elder held out his arms to give me a hug. Before I reached him I was thinking, "elementary school....Jr. High...High School...Scout Camp?.." nope. none of them. I then proceeded to hug this stranger. I asked where he knew me from and he said "I was the red head screaming after your show."
The video that will come either tonight of tomorrow has everyone screaming. It is pretty nuts.

Okay, so...if you want to get to know alot of people fast....go up on stage in front of 2000+ missionaries and do some weird dance moves. There were these Russian Elders that sang "You Missionary Now" It went along with the Lady Ga Ga song "Bad Romance" It was hilarious because of their accent.

The food is getting old...My salads are now famous and they know my name and I don't really have to tell them what do put on the salad anymore. The Chicken Corn on blue is simply amazing. The leftovers have not appeared on the island of weird food yet. ha ha.

The TRC this week went great. The Holy Ghost was very strong, and is always strong throughout our day. Praying is a big part of that. Elder Snow(of the seventy) talked alot on fe en Jesucristo. I mean Faith in Jesus Christ. His famous quotes were "Its so easy and 8 year old can do it" talking about repenting and being baptized and becoming converted.
Anyway, the TRC....the investigators did not believe in God so we had to share personal experiences and scriptures on how we came to know God is real. It was challenging but ended up being our best lesson yet.

Spanish is coming along and I am excited to speak more and more everyday. you will probably get a letter in the mail that is all in Spanish. HNO Ramirez says that we are one step away from being fluent. WOW. Talk about the Gift of Tongues. Being very obedient and saying alot of prayers and studying hard has been a great benefit and blessing.
lets see....
Yes, I cleaned my suit, they cut my hair last week, I miss going to the temple, (temple is closed for cleaning)my journal writing is on fire. The tan jacket you bought be does not fit in with all the black ones so I gave it to someone in need. I have my vest to keep me warm. You shouldnt worry about me. Love you so much. I need more paper that is it.

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