Saturday, December 18, 2010


Elder Chadwick sent his sister his schedule.
She said it was okay to share it here.
It kind of gives you an idea of what he is doing in the MTC.
6:15 a.m.Wake up, kneel, pray, shower, get dressed
6:55 Walk out in cold to class
7:00 Arrive and pray, study the Book of Mormon
7:45 Walk in the cold to breakfast
Get weird looking eggs
Sit down, pray, eat
8:07 Stand up, grab tray, put away in cool moving room
8:09 Walk in the cold to class
8:13 Arrive and pray
8:15 Pray, personal study
9:00 pray, companionship study
10:00 pray, language study
11:01 Walk to residence hall
11:05 Get dressed in gym clothes, look in mirror, flex, smile, wink, put on name tag, leave to walk outside in the cold to gym.
11:10 group prayer, break, basketball, volleyball, 4 square
12:00 p.m. Walk back to residence hall half way, wait for mail. Pray mom sent a dear elder, walk the rest of the way to residence hall
12:10 Read letters (if any), shower, get ready
12:30 walk to lunch in the cold
12:35 get better looking food, sit down, pray, eat
1:15 in class, settle in and ready to learn
5:30 Walk to dinner in the cold
6:15 Class-Tuesday's choir and devotional
9:30 back to resident hall to study/chill
10:00 In room, really studying
10:30 Pray, Lights out, in bed
Count how many times I pray. Did you think to pray? Lean now to pray before everything, during everything, after everything. Do your best, God will take care of the rest. That is a cool quote. Anyway, got to go do laundry. P-days are awesome but we still work 3/4 of the day.
Elder Chadwick

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