Wednesday, January 12, 2011


We sent Elder Chadwick some questions that required short answers.
Here is how it went.
Do you need more stamps?
Sure that would be great.
Do you need any other clothes that we didn't pack?
Probably another pair of jeans and black socks.
Have you had any bad days?
If you have how have you handled them?
prayed a lot and turned my attitude around so it was a good day. Served others instead of myself.
Are you still getting along with your companion?
Have you gotten home addresses for all those that you want to keep in touch with?
yes, I bought a $2 address book.
Have you been sick? (other than the orange juice challenge)
yes, but it was not bad enough to go to the clinic.
Are you playing nice with others?
Yeah, until gym everyday.
Do you miss your cell phone?
Do you have music somehow?
Yes, Elder Oswald is constantly singing.
Have you missed a certain food from home? (not that I will send it)
Not Really
What is the biggest thing you have missed or what have you missed the most?
Being alone.
What are you looking forward too the most?
The field and learning more Spanish.
What has been the hardest thing about the MTC?
Getting my companion up and going and not getting my message across in Spanish.
What has been the easiest?
Everything else.
Have you had disappointments?
What is your best piece of advice you have received while there?
Change. We can all really come perfected in Christ. We just have to be like him.
Can you last a couple more weeks on MTC food?
Yes, I survive on the Chadwick salad.
Is there something from the list that we didn't pack that you might need?
Fingernail clippers
Is Elder Oswald going to Cuernavaca too?
Is your district made up of only elders going there?
Elder Oswald and I are going to Cuernavaca the rest to Puebla Mexico Mission.
Are you still happy?
Heck yes. All the time
Does your companion get mail and packages too?
Does everyone share things they get?
When do you get mail?
At 11 a.m. (letters) 5 p.m. for DearElder and packages
Do you have to check a box everyday?
Yes, my companion is the district leader
Are you sad when none is there?
Do you get mail on Saturday's?
Do you have to go to a certain place to drop off your mail?
In the big blue drop off box.
Can you send mail any day you want?
Yes and no
The kids think you are spoiled. Do you feel that way?
Not at all, unless an apostle walks through the door.
Do you want any more photos sent to you?
sure, that would be cool.
Have you cried?
Have you felt all alone?
Have you felt our love?
Do you think you made the right decision?
Heck yes.

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