Friday, January 7, 2011


Excerpts of the letters below.
Dear Mom,
Well, I decided since you have been bombarding me with quotes I will do the same to you.
Elder Jeffrey R. Holland:
"I am an Apostle with a capital "A" that makes you like an apostle with a lower case"a"."
"The Avon lady was more enthusiastic about selling her product than the missionaries preaching the gospel."
Elder Russell M. Nelson:
Someone asked him if we believed in the bible, he said "Yes we do, our members wrote it."
"Armed with the power of the Lord anything is possible."
Sister Smith (President Smith's wife):
"This is the church that will fill the world in 167 different languages."
"The language they learned as a child is the language of their heart."
President Ralph Smith
"Selective obedience is of the devil."
After the fireside with President Smith we sang the song Army of Heleman. The words were changed from "we will be the Lord's missionaries" to "we are now the Lords missionaries".
I am learning a lot and becoming more like the Savior every day. I love the quotes you send me. Thanks for all the support.
Love Elder Chadwick
It has been a awesome week. The food is getting old but it keeps me going. Anyway, everything is going great. I can almost understand everything my teacher says in Spanish. I should be fluent by the end of of next month. I am really close but we will see what the field brings.
I have gained 5 lbs in the last two months. Hopefully it is muscle because I have been working hard in the gym. I run a mile everyday and play basketball. I can hit a three from about anywhere now. I average 3 points a game in a game of 7. We usually play for 40 minutes.
My obedience is getting even better. Sometimes it is hard to get my companion out of bed in the morning but that is just life. We have companionship inventories every week or whenever we want and we just say straight up what each other can do better.
So, I told him "I am not your mom. When you get up the first time to turn off your alarm, stay up. Don't wait for Elder Chadwick's alarm." I'm sure that is probably how mom felt when she had to wake me up. I get plenty of sleep.
Elder Baxter of the Seventy came on Tuesday and totally punched anyone that doesn't believe we aer Christians in the face with his testimony. It was Awesome! I really want a copy of his talk. I took notes but he was throwing scriptures at us like every five sentences for an hour. It was hard to keep up. His accent was cool He is from Wales/Scotland.
I am excited to get my travel plans. We will see if I get a second mission call. It would be cool to go to California, New York or Florida. I have heard good things about all of those missions. We will soon see what God has in store for me.
Love Elder Chadwick
Before you continue to read this letter pull out your bible and go to Hebrews 11:34. It will blow your mind. After reading this letter read ALL of Chapter 11. It is probably my favorite chapter about faith.
I will most likely see another apostle this next week because the MTC president is getting released. That will be three apostles in two months.
We made teams for basketball and we are having a tournament on Friday.
BTW, get online and watch "Our Priesthood Duty" at or read it in the Ensign of this month by President Monson. It is pretty cool.
Don't wreck the room to much.
Love Elder Chadwick

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