Thursday, January 27, 2011


Dear Family and Friends,
It has been a great two weeks. Here is a better update then last week. Two weekends ago we were transferred to another service area. The cafeteria. After waiting five minutes we were assigned to do baby carrots.
We would just open the bags and put them in big pans. Just imagine six elders and carrot bags flying everywhere. It was so much fun and after we had a system down it was more fun then ever. The next day I was behind the 1st counselors wife and told her that the carrots were extra good today. It was great actually seeing are work being eaten by other elders.
A week later we did bacon, and we smelled like it until showers after gym that after noon.
Sunday Fireside withe Bro. Stephan B. Allen
The Four Phases of Life
1. Honeymoon: When you enter a new experience and are excited and ready to go and do something new.
2. Hostile: The "I" phase. Thinking about how hard or boring this is and how I am suffering.
3. Grin and bear it: We finally figure out that we have to grin and bear this hard or difficult task or thing out.
4. Enduring to the end: Some actually grow to love the situation they are in and find out that serving others is a way out of stages 2 and 3.

We are Elite troops of Jesus Christ.

Tuesday Devotional with Elder David F. Evans
Elder Evans talk was mainly on his personal experiences with President Monson. He asked us to not tell his story to the world because it was sacred to him and his family. The experiences he had were indeed amazing, the spirit was so strong during that devotional. By visiting someone or making a phone call to see if someone is okay we can become more like him (President Monson) and the Savior.

Here are some quotes from Elder Evans and President Monson:
"Decisions do determine Destiny"
"Every great member of the church, before committing a serious sin, is always warned by the Holy Ghost before hand"
"Don't put your eternal life at risk."
Pres. Eyring "keeping the commandments means don't sin."
" If we are on the Lords errand we are entitled to His help"
"The Lord usually answers prayers through another person."

And that is the report from the devotional.

Elder Oswald and I have not gone to the consulate yet. The rest of our district is leaving tomorrow.
Life is still great, we are on Gods time and Gods time is my time.
I can now understand what the teachers are saying to each other when they talk full force. It is so much fun figuring out this beautiful language with the help of the Holy Ghost. I am so thankful for the many blessings I have received while at the MTC. It is my home, like the temple, my fortress of solitude. I hope everything is fantastic wherever you are reading this from. have and amazing weekend. I love you all!!!

Love, Elder Chadwick

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