Thursday, January 6, 2011


Dear Family,
I received one letter from you today with all the pictures. They made me laugh. Thank you.
This just in! We just talked to the travel office and I will receive a reassignment on Wednesday of next week. There has only been one group since the spring of last year who has gone to Mexico on time. Let’s see where I am going!!!! Everyone take your guesses. It will be stateside. The visa thing is true. No one is getting visas. We are praying and we fasted for that this month. We will see what happens. Hopefully they call us during dinner tommorow.
The HD video is coming but it was on some else’s camera so I haven’t been able to control that. I just put the memory card in the mail with my SD card in it. It is in Jodie’s letter.
Yours and dads letters have a lot of info, so I am not sending a huge email this week btw.
I love the daily letters and all the quotes. You will like the letter I just sent you in the mail.
I wrote a long letter to all of you. Well, individually.
I just barely put it in the you should receive it by Saturday.
I gave everyone an assignment in their letters, almost everyone. Make sure everyone is on top of things. What chapter are you on in the NT?
I saw the alligators grandma sent me, pretty cool. I emailed them back and I am sending them a post card.
Btw, Elder Neiser is in love with you.....jk.....just your cake
I sent letter/thank yous to the Monsens, Petersen's, Johnston's and everyone that sent me anything. I had a great holiday thanks to everyone.
Ok, send more cake. there are elders in need :)
btw, I love you....

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